Description of Weekly Workshops:

The first phase of learning combines the use of photography and verbal and/ or written expression.  Groups range in size, from two to four children per group, ranging in ages from eight to eighteen.  Consistent participation by the group members is expected.  We provide the children with cameras and develop the film for them once a week.  The images are shared at weekly group meetings, as are spoken word and creative writing exercises such as rap and poetry. 

The second phase is in the process of being fully developed.  It will involve teaching darkroom skills, and camera techniques such as metering, shutter speed, and depth of field.  We will also introduce computer editing using Adobe Photoshop, and the uploading of photographs to the Internet, along with web page design.  During this phase of learning we will design stickers, t-shirts, flyers, magnets, and other products that can be sold to help sustain the project. 




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