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The Camera Project has recently partnered with NOPLAY, of The Youth Empowerment Project, providing a series of workshops. These classes expose students to basic photographic skills, along with more advanced hands-on instruction with apple computers, digital cameras and lighting equipment. Participants explore new avenues of self- expression through imagery and creative writing.

NOPLAY (part of YEP)

NOPLAY(New Orleans Providing Literacy to All Youth), provides GED and basic literacy instruction to out-of-school youth and young adults between the ages of 16-24 from the Greater New Orleans region. NOPLAY is the only adult education provider in the city that specializes in providing literacy and educational services to at-risk youth and young adults. All eligible applicants are admitted to NOPLAY, no matter how high or low their academic initial assessment, even if they lack documentation required in more traditional educational settings.

Last year NOPLAY served over 100 students, and currently has 81 students enrolled.

To learn more about The Youth Empowerment Project and the many crucial services provided to youth in New Orleans, visit www.youthempowermentproject.org.