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Cat Malovic - Cofounder cat@kidcameraproject.org
Cat Malovic is a Master of Social Work and Public Health student at Tulane University. Her undergraduate work was completed at the University of South Carolina, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a minor in photography. Cat has a passion for travel, and has spent time in several foreign countries, including India, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, and Greece. During these adventures she has had the opportunity to immerse herself in various cultures, and has developed a great respect for the benefits of seeing the world through a variety of perspectives. She hopes to continue practicing social work overseas, as well as here at home in New Orleans. Cat is married to a wonderful man, Robby, who continually inspires her to love, grow, and laugh more.
Joanna Rosenthal - Cofounder joanna@kidcameraproject.org
Joanna Rosenthal received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and literature from Sarah Lawrence College, and her Masters in Social Work from Tulane University. She works as a Family Liaison with the Louisiana Family Recovery Corps program, providing case management services to families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Joanna has worked extensively with children, particularly in settings that broaden perspectives, encourage reflection and growth, and enhance important life skills. Following graduation from college, she moved to California to serve as an AmeriCorps literacy tutor to children of migrant workers. She then worked as a Fellow for the Youth Service Opportunities Project in New York City, a non-profit organization that encourages youth participation and engaged citizenship through direct service to the homeless and hungry. Joanna has always been inspired by the resiliency and natural creativity of children. She is committed to the recovery efforts in New Orleans, and will continue working in settings that empower young people.
Tara Malik - Teacher tara@kidcameraproject.org
Tara Malik received her BFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology, and has followed her love of the photographic medium working at the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, and at Community Darkroom in Rochester, NY. Over the years she has taught in several urban youth photography programs and continues to devote her time to teaching photography to underserved children in urban areas. She has a vested interest in community activism and art as a tool for healing and growth. Tara will attend Columbia College in Chicago in the fall for a Masters in Arts Management degree in Arts in Youth and Community Development.
Ariya Martin - Teacher ariya@kidcameraproject.org
A decade ago Ariya Martin picked up her grandfather's camera, and since then photography has continually helped her make sense of herself and the world. In 2005 she completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts-Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. Although her fine artwork was initially created in the darkroom, she has expanded her visual vocabulary with digital imagery, writing, video and sound to create installations about her life. Ariya's passion and belief in communicating through various art mediums dovetails with her passion for teaching. She has taught both youth and adults at Community Darkroom in Rochester, NY, at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, MT as well as students at Rochester Institute of Technology. Although she has enjoyed working with people from diverse backgrounds and skill levels, she truly enjoysworking with adolescents and believes in art as a powerful means of expression.
Eric Carr - Webmaster / Multimedia Producer eric@kidcameraproject.org
Eric brings to the project his extensive television and multimedia production experience. He achieved a BA in Television and Film with a minor in Marketing from California State University Long Beach. He also earned a Masters in Instructional Technologies from San Francisco State University. His production experience includes work at a San Francisco PBS station and for the E! Entertainment Television cable network. Eric currently develops technologies to enable distance education at Stanford University.
Ibby Caputo - Consultant ibby@kidcameraproject.org
Ibby Caputo received her B.A. in Art and Archeology from Princeton University, where she was co-editor of the Nassau Literary Review. After graduating in 2003, she moved to New Orleans and worked as a consultant for the Healing Arts Program at Ochsner Clinic Foundation, where she helped design an environmental arts program to create a life-enhancing and healing setting for pediatric patients. In the fall, Ibby will attend Columbia University in New York City for a Masters in Science in Journalism.
Neil Guidry - Consultant
Neil is founder of the Louisiana HImalaya Association, a non-profitorganization that works with Tibetan refugees. Neil is also an adjuct professor for Tulane University. He has contributed to this project by acting as a consultant for all matters on non-profits.
Robby Malovic - Consultant
Thank you for your continual support, time, and dedication.
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